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Training Needs Analysis

HRE offers a range of workshops provided by expert trainers with a track record of developing individuals and teams.  We cover a wide spectrum of skills from strategic leadership through to sales coaching.  Each workshop is tailored to your business, ensuring the content is relevant and familiar and allowing these newly gained skills to be easily transferred to the workplace.

Developmental Workshops

Over the years we have developed a very flexible approach to delivering our services, adapting the format to suit a client's needs.  For example, for smaller businesses where an onsite workshop may be inappropriate or where a client prefers a one to one approach, we offer a remote coaching system provided by an accredited coach which provides a lower cost but highly effective alternative.

Below is a summary of the range of development programmes which HRE offers.  For more details about each of the topics shown below please click on the relevant heading; to discuss the format best suited to your business please call us on 01622 769219.

Strategic leadership workshop

Blending the latest business thinking with practical examples; helping leaders to think more strategically and leading to the creation of a personal development plan designed to improve behaviour and skills.

Strategic essentials workshop

Using actual case studies to spark discussion and understand the real reasons why business strategies can fail; reviewing current and future challenges and helping delegates develop a business strategy to achieve a competitive edge.

Managing change workshop

Understanding how to manage change successfully; supporting your team through the cycle of change and providing encouragement to be innovative and flexible in response to changing demands.

Stress management and resilience workshop

Exploring ways in which you and your team can improve how you handle stress and stressful situations and build resilience to help deal with tough situations.

High performing team workshop

Utilising up to date business ideas, sports science and real life case studies to understand how high performing teams are created; helping leaders to build continuous improvement leading to a better working environment and increased output.

Team engagement workshop

Learning how to build engagement through leadership, behaviour and style; benchmarking current levels of engagement and creating a personal improvement plan to develop a more engaged and productive workforce.

Precise presentation workshop

Learning how to be a more precise and persuasive communicator; understanding how to match objective, audience and message; practicing and preparing a presentation leading to better and more effective communications.

Sales improvement workshop

Helping to drill down to the real reasons behind the challenges faced by both your sales team and the individuals within it; mapping areas where improvement is required, encouraging teamwork and honing sales techniques through role play.

Sales audit

An independent expert review of your current sales culture and practices covering sales strategy and tactics, target markets, management information, sales funnel tracking and sales ethos leading to a customised sales plan.

Accompanied sales calls

An opportunity for an experienced sales professional and accredited coach to undertake an accompanied sales call to assess an individual's planning prior to a call, their people skills, technical knowledge, ability and determination to overcome objections and to close the sale; resulting in a more motivated and confident member of staff.

Sales coaching programme

A six month coaching programme which includes focusing on development needs, improving performance, demonstrating how to use the latest behavioural techniques to develop better selling skills in order to drive more effective sales performance and deliver improved results.

Leadership and management development programme

A six month skills development programme for current and aspiring managers, focusing on leadership and management skills.  It includes tools and techniques to build and manage a successful team, including sharing information, providing clear direction, avoiding conflicts and effective delegation.  On successful completion, delegates receive a certificate of achievement from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM).