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Testimonial from M. Brown

"When managing a team of professionals from afar, geographically, it is always too easy to lose sight of their needs and the necessity of professional and motivational support. Add to the mix the potential fear that people may have of admitting to shortcomings or recognising their needs and one can readily see that managers and leaders must be ever conscious of their obligations to their people.

Many managers and leaders are not ideally equipped to lend support. That can be for a variety of reasons:

  • Lack of time
  • Failure to appreciate the needs of people - "out of sight; out of mind"
  • A concern that they may pass on their own "bad habits" and/or own deficiencies
  • Most are not sufficiently detached from the "day job"

As a director of a major financial services group with a multiplicity of responsibilities, a far flung and largely experienced team I became very mindful that two of my newer team members could benefit from more support.

Both were ambitious but in different ways. One perceived his capabilities beyond what he was actually able to deliver. He was over confident and his inter-personal skills in need of improvement.

The other was able, very personable and well liked: a persuasive character occasionally reluctant to impose his authority.

Each needed, in my judgement, a mentor. As their manager I was not the right person for the job. The ideal mentor was someone familiar with our business but not part of it. The mentor needed to be detached and yet accessible.

Neil Williams fitted the bill admirably; his familiarity with the sector, his supportive and encouraging style and availability was just what was needed. The combination of a face to face "no holds barred" initial meeting supplemented by monthly conversations was ideal. Confidentiality was crucial - it gave each the confidence to share problems and concerns and get the best from the mentoring programme.

One individual has acknowledged that he did benefit from the programme which has in turn enabled him to take on a new role in a different part of the business. I doubt he would have made this progress without the support of the mentoring delivered by Neil.

The other member of the team embraced the regime with great enthusiasm and saw the benefits instantly. He used the service afforded by Neil to maximum advantage. He subsequently won two promotions and left my team but remains a valued asset in the business and is tipped for the top. He remains vocal about the value Neil's role and has indeed become an advocate of the approach with his own people."